Capture Fox is a Firefox add-on and a handy tool to create tutorials about a software, a web site or anything that can be displayed on your computer. It records your screen frame by frame. You can also record your voice.

Latest Version

Capture Fox is still being developed. The latest stable version is 0.8.
You can download the latest version from the Mozilla Add-ons web site.

» Download from Mozilla Add-on web site

Support Development of Firefox

Help us continue to develop Capture Fox and maintain this web site.

Custom Development

Capture Fox is a free application. It's a general purpose application for end-users. But if you require a custom solution tailored for your needs, we can customize Capture Fox for you. Please send us an email including some information about your project and get a quotation.

A Tutorial From a Capture Fox User

We thank him for creating such a good video.
Reference : Youtube


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